We offer a wide range of custom bollards that act as barriers to regulate the flow of traffic in order to create a safer, more controlled situation. Safety bollards can be placed in warehouses, playgrounds, sidewalks, parking lots, and more. We provide sturdy bollards made of several materials including concrete, stainless and galvanized steel with a variety of colors.

Safety Bollards

Traffic Signs - Home Depot HC Sign in Bollard 2

Safety bollards are designed for the division of traffic from pedestrian areas along with the prevention unlawful entry in parking lots and parks. When placed in warehouses, bollards can also protect important merchandise from forklifts and pallet jacks. Bollards are essential in order provide safety for personnel and/or your customers.

Quality Bollard Installation

We offer a range of installation techniques based on the product and intended location. Mounting styles include inserting into new concrete and easy, non-intrusive bolt down bollards. Bolt down posts emphasize interior and exterior flanges to make safety bollards easier to install and transfer.

The specialized professionals at All Star Striping will help you choose and properly install the best bollard for your business as well as keep the costs down. Contact All Star Striping today for Bollard products and installation at (801) 399-0099