We provide professional highway striping, parking lot striping, marker removal and placement, and more. All Star Striping is your source for all your pavement marking needs. No job is too big for our skilled team to handle. Our high-quality equipment allows All Star Striping to be Utah’s premier striping and marker removal service provider. Not only can be redesign your parking lot, we will provide traffic signage, concrete bollards, and more!

Parking Lot Striping

Maintaining a clean, attractive parking lot is vital to create the right image with your customers. When you care for your parking lot, it shows people you focus on maintaining your parking lot and your businesses. Effective parking lot striping helps to direct people safely around the parking lot. We can handle all parking lot detailing you need to make your parking lot stand out.

Road Striping

Do you need road striping in Utah? We can handle all your road striping needs from full pavement striping service to paving maintenance or marking. Our DOT road striping services ensure the roadways will be up to Utah’s standards. We will provide striping for new construction layout, removal and new striping, and estimating costs for new roadways.

Warehouse Striping

We provide warehouse striping in Utah. We will re-strip, remove, and re-configure the layout of your warehouse. We can create an organized warehouse and will use high quality paint or epoxy coating to seal the paint to the flooring. Our coating solutions will provide a longer-lasting, cleaner floor for your warehouse.

Airport Striping

Let us be your solution for airport striping! We focus on providing clear, long-lasting airport markings to help guide pilots as they take-off, land, and taxi around the airport. We are one of the leading airport maintenance contractors providing high-quality airport striping services that are clearly visible, clean, and crisp.


Existing pavement markings must be removed properly when you are adding a new lane, designing a new warehouse floor, and organizing a parking lot. We have access to water blasting and grinding machines to removal the striping to prepare the pavement for new striping.

Traffic Signage

We provide signs for all your parking lot, road, and street sign requirements. We make custom signs to install in bollards and cement barriers. We have traffic signs that meet UDOT standards.


Our bollards are designed to provide clear visual barriers to help drivers. Our bollards are designed to direct traffic to the right place, and we can help to prevent traffic from going to restricted areas. Bollards are one of the best options to protect businesses by helping customers understand where to go and keeps them from crashing into buildings.

Wheel Stops

We create strong wheel stops and place them in parking stalls to prevent cars from driving upon sidewalks, medians, and other areas that are restricted for vehicles. We provide low-profile wheel stops with 3500 psi concrete reinforced with a #4 steel rebar to provide additional strength.

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